the divine flow

“By letting go it all gets done.

The world is won by those that let go,

but when you try and try,

the world is beyond winning.”

~Lao Tzu

I recently glanced at a Facebook status update that read something like: “Why are some people living in heaven, whilst other people are living in hell?”

I pondered on this a while, wondering why we all seem stuck on this idea that these are the only two states available. Either you are in ‘Heaven’ eternally, or you are in a state of permanent damnation, or ‘Hell’.  For me, it’s  all a matter of perspective.

It’s true that some people may appear as if they are going through hell, and they may also emphatically agree with you that they are in hell, however everything is always in a state of flux. That ‘hell’ that they said they were in a day or so ago may have in fact been a well needed breakdown.

And breakdowns, from my experience, are almost always followed by a breakthrough that lifts us up, out and away from our previous ‘hell’ into a whole new space, which we may then label as ‘heaven’. Obviously, the same can be said for those who say they are in heaven, but might instead be clinging too tightly on to remaining in that experience, thus somewhat robbing themselves of this process of transformation.

One must always be willing to follow Persephone into the Underworld when she calls. It is within this darkness and loneliness that we find the gems within our soul…the real crystals of inner strength and wisdom that will serve us greatly when we leave the Underworld and return to ‘heaven’. Once we return to heaven, we can then share the gifts that we have found within ourselves with others.

We learn appreciation, gratitude and generosity whilst in the underworld and these qualities, if practiced, will help to place you more in the flow of life. Thus notions of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ and duality will begin to disappear and we will increasingly find ourselves in the divine flow of life, in the eternal now that exists within our hearts.


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