motherhood, music, ASCENSION, findhorn, RAW food, road trips, diners, Mt SHASTA, natural springs, SILLY things, left and right brain integration, power and MANIFESTATION, METAPHORS, meaning, time, goddesses, deities, DEVAS, divas, divine femininities, NONI, honey, goji, gold, kinesiology, ELIXIRS, awakening, laughter, JOY, quotes, CRYSTALS, forgiveness, FLOWER essences, shells, tuning forks, pressure POINTS, holographic healing, colours, SOUND, quantum bioenergetics, nutrition, surrender, Abraham, genetics, ,RASPBERRIES, NLP, 5 elements ,elementals, PLAY. activations, affirmations, MEDITATIONS, musings, MURMURINGS, muscle testing, being WILD and free, sexuality, the SHIFT, Avatar, rituals, chakras, fonts, illuminations, Lemuria, spirulina, DHARMA, karma, BANANARAMA.. mixing it up for the FUN of you..for the fun of ME


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